The proven choice of leading medical device manufacturers world-wide for over 20 years, meeting the most stringent biocompatible and safety criteria

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USP Class VI Medical-Grade Biocompatible Heat Shrink Tubing

100% factory double tested for insulation integrity and reliability

Tubing Assortment
Sample Kit — $125

  • 3 types of USP Class VI high-performance polymers for different applications, environments and sterilization options
  • 135 pieces cut in 6" lengths
  • 45 pieces of each type
  • 6 diameter sizes

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Developing a
new product?

Prompt short runs for custom prototype designs

500 feet for $1,500 including tooling*

*Most sizes and colors


Heat shrink and flexible tubing specialists since 1964

We are experienced at working with medical device manufacturers

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For insulating electro-surgical instruments and biocompatible jacketing

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Preferred by leading medical device
manufacturers for electrical insulation of
laparoscopic, endoscopic and other devices,
cauterization probes and protective jacketing
for temporary implantation devices

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The Xtra-Shield

  • Proprietary Acrylated Olefin
  • High dielectric strength
  • Superior cut-through, puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Unique heat sealable and adhesion properties without adhesives
  • Numerous sterilization options

For specialized medical heat shrink applications

  • High heat resistant fluoropolymer best for electrical insulation, stiffening, strain relief and as a manufacturing aid in demanding environments
  • Thin wall, rugged, semi-rigid tubing with exceptional mechanical strength
  • Lower cost substitute for PTFE in many applications
  • Lower shrink temperature than PTFE

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  • Ultra-flexible, crystal-clear, non-phthalate PVC, ideal for tube joining, transitioning and transparent protection
  • Low shrink temperature prevents damage to adjacent components

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For USP Class VI medical-grade non shrink tubing / sleeving applications

Non shrinkable versions of Insultab’s Xtra-Shield, Xtra-Therm, and Xtra-Flex medical tubing are also available.

All are made from the same ISO-10993-5 certified, USFDA compliant, high performance polymers as our heat shrinkable tubing, and meet the most stringent biocompatible and environmental specifications.


HS-714 (Non Shrink)
HS-814 (Non Shrink)
HS-914 (Non Shrink)
Non shrink Product Comparison Chart